Sunday, February 27, 2011

Yeh saali zindagi...

Life’s a bitch. Nothing more, nothing less, simply a bitch. It is unruly, dogmatic, uncompromising, and unrelenting. And it is a bad enemy to have. Really bad! You can’t win over it, you just can’t.

I am not a person who gives up easily. I am an optimistic, energetic go-getter, and I believe in making things happen. And I am not a person who would sit, sulk, and procrastinate over why certain things did not go my way. That is the way life, that bitch, has taught me to be.

Why the swear words? Well, simply put, I like to be in control of my situations, which is precisely what I have failed at. Failed repeatedly and miserably. No matter what I plan, no matter what I do, things go according to a plan which definitely does not seem to be the one designed by me. As if there is no swimming against the tide. And I have only life to blame and plan my revenge against, coz being an atheist, it wouldn’t really suit me to go to a temple in Mr. Bachhan’s style and say, “Aaj khush to bahut honge tum, haiin?” It has been life, that has been giving me choices I didn’t need, de tours I didn’t plan, and potholes I didn’t expect (at least I think so). 

Life would ensure that you never get the thing you want, or at least the thing you think you want. It would put you in discomforting situations, and push you away from your desire. And it is not modest, it is not empathetic. It chooses to slap you in the face with harsh realities after a good bit of time has passed. Yes, I agree, that life’s plans for you eventually turn out to be better than your own plans for yourself, but there has to be a better way of doing this yaar! What’s with all the chaos? Can’t it be plain and frank and present choices which are the best suited and let me choose my way? No, because it enjoys watching me make all the moves in the wrong direction. It gives it some sort of sadistic pleasure. To top it all, the activity that it enjoys the most is unsettling comfortable, relaxed people. As soon as you try and accustom yourself to a certain state of things, it would try and tempt you, present you with newer, unexpected options…with the sole intent of unsettling you, and making you think again, and again, and AGAIN, about what is it you really want. It loves to have the last word, and so it always finds a way of showing you how YOU were going to make the wrong choice, and how, life has given you exactly what is best for you. And that is what I hate about it the most. The bitch is always right. Dead right everytime!


  1. Served hot from the furnace of life!!

  2. Nik... I can understand how much pain you must have been going through to write something like that... But tell you what.... a couple of years down the line, you'd be able to read this and hopefully smile :)

    Cheers to the unflailing agony yet a desirable pain that life is :)